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M&IS 44044 - Section 001

Systems Analysis II

Fall 2004

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Course Information

COURSE NAME: Systems Analysis II - M&IS 44044 Section 001
TERM: Fall 2004
MEETING TIME: Tuesdays and Thursdays  3:15 - 4:30 p.m.
COURSE WEB SITE: http://babbage.bsa.kent.edu/sbakke/44044/default.htm
PREREQUISITES: M&IS 24060 and 24070
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION: Physical system implementation: mapping logical data models and process models to physical data bases and system design; system coding, testing, installation, conversion, training and automated tools

Instructor Information

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 - 3:15 p.m. and after class and by appointment
PHONE NUMBER: (330) 672-1153
HOME PHONE: (440) 498-1021
E-MAIL: missives@sharenbakke.com

I. Course Description  Top

The primary objective of this course is to create a web-based database application using current languages and information technologies.  Applications will be problem-specific, business-oriented and must contain a component to read/write from a separate database. Student teams will follow the planning, analyzing, designing and implementing stages of the systems development life cycle to solve a real world problem facing a client organization. Specific emphasis will be placed on managing and presenting the final project to the client.

Course Objectives: 

  1. Give students experience in current languages and information technologies for microcomputer-based applications.
  2. Provide an opportunity for students to learn and apply new languages quickly and effectively.
  3. Provide an opportunity to participate in a team-based environment developing "real-world" applications.
  4. Reinforce concepts of systems analysis and design, and relational database design.
  5. Reinforce concepts of interface design, data access, storage, and maintenance.
  6. Introduce/reinforce project management concepts.

Since this is a continuation of the Systems Analysis I (M&IS 24060) the actual creation of an application will be the primary focus.  The class will be divided into two parts: 1) a review of the Systems Development Life Cycle, 2) an introduction of the basic building blocks for creating the application.

Prerequisites include M&IS 24060 (Systems Analysis I) and M&IS 24070 (Principles of Systems Development).  Students attending the course who do not have the proper prerequisite risk being deregistered from the class.

After an initial review of the systems development life cycle we will meet in the classroom once per week. The other scheduled class meetings will be conducted in project groups. ALL groups will meet during the class time. Some of these groups will meet with me for part of this time each week. This is class time and attendance is required whether your group meets with me or not. Each group will meet on the off-class day every other week - this may change depending on the number of groups in the class. Additional group meetings can be scheduled if necessary.

II. Resources  Top

No specific class materials are required.  Students are expected to obtain resources such as software manuals, programming language guides, etc. appropriate to the tools that are being utilized in their project.  A recommended list of books and web sites are listed.

III. Course Grading  Top

Final grade will be computed as follows:

a. Quizzes 10%
b. Weekly Activity Logs 6%
c. Planning, Analysis and Design Deliverables 30%
d. Implementation_and_Maintenance_Deliverables 30%
e. Peer Evaluation of Individual Performance 12%
f. Instructor's Evaluation of Individual Performance 12%


IV. Tentative Schedule  Top

Aug 31
  • Course Introduction - Survey of Syllabus, Skills, and Expectations.
  • Formation of project teams
  • Overview of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Sept 2
Review of Planning Phase of SDLC
Sept 7
  • Group Member Project Ideas Due (more details)
    Groups meet in class and select an application from choices provided by the instructor and team members' application descriptions.
  • Weekly group meetings with instructor are scheduled
  • Review of Analysis Phase of SDLC including dataflow diagrams and entity relationshp diagrams.
Sept 9 Review of Design Phase
Sept 14 Tentative Presentation by Guest Speaker from Eaton Corporation / Review of Implementation Phase

Sept 16 Group meetings begin
Sept 21 Introduction to basic HTML commands and concepts
Sept 28

Investigation Report Due  For more detailed information click here

  • Team Presentations of Investigation Report
Oct 5

Introduction to SQL / Tentative Presentation by guest speaker from Eaton Corporation

Oct 12

Analysis Report Due

Presentation of basic ASP concepts and commands.

Oct 19

Presentation of pertinent ASP commands and methodologies.

Oct 26

System Specifications Due

Presentation of pertinent ASP commands and methodologies.
Nov 2 Presentation of pertinent ASP, HTML and Oracle offerings / Tentative Presentation by guest speaker from Eaton Corporation
Nov 9 Presentation of pertinent ASP, HTML and Oracle offerings
Nov 16 Presentation of pertinent ASP, HTML and Oracle offerings
Nov 23 No Class - Thanksgiving Break
Nov 30 Presentation of pertinent ASP, HTML and Oracle offerings
Dec 7 Tentative Presentation by guest speaker from Eaton Corporation

Dec 10 5:00 p.m.

Deliverables for the Implementation and Maintenance Phases  Due

Dec 17

Final Presentations ** Exam Time - Friday: 7:45 - 10:00 A.M.

V. Description of Tasks and Deliverables  Top

VI. Policies  Top

The following policies apply to all students in this course.

Powerpoint Presentations  Top

Click on the appropriate link for the desired powerpoint presentation: