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Human Resource Management Minor

Information about minor in Human Resource Management

The competitive advantage derived from the more effective use of Human Resource Management (HRM) policies, practices, and procedures is the focus of the HRM minor.  The HRM minor is relevant to a wide variety of students University-wide who want to learn to better manage a firm’s human resources.  This includes, among others, students who will become line managers and need to implement HR policies as they hire and manage the performance of their employees, entrepreneurs and need a fundamental knowledge of HRM to run their companies more effectively, and heads of not-for-profit organizations and need to understand the basics of HRM because they will rarely be able to hire an HR staff.  The curriculum of the HRM minor covers a range of topic areas taught from both theoretical and applied perspectives.  Students will be exposed to a wide array of HR functional areas including staffing, performance management, training, compensation, employer-employee rights and responsibilities, and human resource information systems.


ACCT  23020   Introduction to Financial Accounting

COMM 25863  Business and Professional Communication

M&IS  24163  Principles of Management

            34180  Human Resource Management

            44183  Developing and Training Human Resources in Organizations

            44191  Seminar in Human Resource Management

            44195  Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management



Choose 1 course from the following

M&IS  34165  Dynamics of Leadership

            34185  Individual and Group Behavior



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