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Computer Information Systems Minor

Information about minor in Computer Information Systems

Personal computers and local area networks are resulting in the penetration of computer information technology into even the smallest organizations.Today, most careers involve some activities related to the creation and use of Computer-based Information Systems.To be competitive in the current job market, it is essential to achieve proficiency in the creation and use of Computer Information Systems (CIS).

The CIS minor is self-contained and assumes essentially no prior experience with computers or information systems.It is designed to complement a student’s primary career field, whatever that might be, by providing knowledge of CIS and their applications and hands-on experience with computer technology. Completion of the minor will prepare students to design and build CIS of modest size and to participate with professional analysts, and an effective partnership basis, in the construction of large complex systems.Students will also have the ability to aid their coworkers by performing computer system support, consultative, and advisory roles.


  • 24053: Introduction to Computer Applications
  • 24060: Systems Analysis I
  • 24070: Principles of Systems Development
  • 34053: Data Integration


Choose 2 courses from the following:

  • 27080: Computer Programming for Business I
  • 34032: Data and File Technology
  • 34033: Computer Programming for Business II
  • 34036: Large Systems Technology
  • 34045: Small Systems Technology
  • 44042: Telecommunications and Networking
  • 44043: Data Base Management Systems
  • 44044: Systems Analysis II
  • 44045: Information Systems Management
  • 44049: Network Management
  • 44095: Special Topics:IS
  • 44292: Internship in IS


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