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Operations Management

Information about the Operations Management major

Operations Management is the management of the production of goods or services for the customer. This includes any kind of organization from modern manufacturing to administration of hospitals and other not-for-profit organizations. Courses in this major provide students with a balanced mix of skills in the areas of analytical tools, management, human relations and computer use. Graduates may therefore expect to find employment in supervisory and managerial positions in both manufacturing (e.g., automotive, computers and appliances) and service (e.g., banks, insurance and department stores) industries. Some areas of emphasis include total quality management, materials management and scheduling.

The Operations Management curriculum emphasizes development of the analytical and managerial skills that are required for efficient management of manufacturing and service operations. Students take coursework in cost control, the design and control of manufacturing processes, the measurement of job content and development of compensation plans, resource planning, and quality control. Hands-on experience with manufacturing resource-planning software is an important part of the program. 


A career in Operations Management involves planning and scheduling methods which an organization uses to manage whatever it actually does to turn out a product or service from a factory, a business, a hospital, a university or a government agency. Operations Management as a career presents rewarding challenges to students who like mathematics and want jobs that give them a share in the control of the actual operation of the company organization.

The methods of Operations Management were originally developed so that very large and complicated factories and other industrial operations could be managed more efficiently. Today, these methods are applied just as often in managing hospitals, restaurants, government agencies, and all other types of organizations. Achieving Total Quality Management and proper planning in the management of resources, including workers’ time on the job, are the focus of modern Operations Management. Specialists in Operations Management work closely with other managers in contributing to the effective and efficient performance of the company or organization.


To build connections for eventual employment opportunities and to develop organizational leadership skills, students are encouraged to join student organizations. Involvement of this kind gives students the chance to participate in extracurricular activities in the field of Operations Management and it allows students to interact with faculty and management practitioners in informal settings. One such student organization of considerable appeal to any business major is Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity—open to both men and women. In addition, there are over 200 other student organizations in which students may find opportunities to develop accounting and general business skills. Two other organizations specific to Operations Management are student chapters of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) and the American Society for Quality Control (ASQ).


Employers and educators recognize the importance of building a strong liberal arts background—especially for business students. Students are encouraged to consider minors offered by the other colleges and schools at Kent. Since communications skills are so important to the success of managers, a major in Operations Management and a minor in Speech Communications might be very helpful. Another possibility is a minor in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Computer Information Systems, since computer systems play such an important role in modern Operations Management.

General Business Requirements for all Business Majors (12 hours)


ENG 30063 Advanced Business and Professional Writing

M&IS 34060 Operations Management

M&IS 44285 Integrated Business Policy and Strategy
FIN 36053 Business Finance


ACCT              33063  Cost Control and Analysis for Management


M&IS              34050  Service Operations Management

34064  Manufacturing Resource Planning

34065  Quality Assurance

44062  Supply Chain Management

44064  Manufacturing Resource Planning

44065  Strategies in World Class Operations


Choose 1 course from the following:

M&IS              34031  Systems Simulation

34055  Computer Decision Models

34185  Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations

44061  Operations Planning and Control

44096  Individual Investigation in Management

MKTG             45071  Business Marketing and E-Commerce







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