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Jim Williams Text Information F08

The following are books that will be assigned as a book-to-a-team. I will work the entire class in six teams and each team will have an assigned book shown next. I have found it best and more cost effective for the student to not have the book store stock them but have the student go to the internet and get the book as cheaply as they can. Each book is a team project so you can know. For the Monday evening class and the Tue / Thu class these books will be used and yes, required. The students will know of the first night of class which book they are assigned when I assign the teams. Hope this helps!


·        The End of Detroit by Micheline Maynard 

·        Nine Shift by Draves and Coates

·        The Wal-Mart Way by Don Soderquist

·        Inevitable Surprises by Peter Schwartz

·        The Pentagon’s New Map by Thomas P. M. Barnett

·        Why Economies Grow by Rich Madrick  


Jim Williams

Adjunct Professor 

Mgt & Information Systems

Kent State University


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