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The Kent State Chapter of MISA began in 1977. Its primary objective is to provide its members with meaningful experiences in the field of computer science as it relates to business applications and systems. The group's successful existence is due to the variety of activities that are scheduled for the meetings as well as the functions that occur intermittently throughout the semester.

The typical meeting agenda includes a discussion of regular MISA news and is quite often followed by special guests in the computer field. These speakers discuss various topics which explain recruiting techniques, employment qualifications, or technological innovations. Also speakers from within the College of Business or the University itself may address the group regarding the program curriculum, internships, or new computer developments around campus.


  • To serve as a forum for students with an interest in Information Systems (CIS).
  • To allow students to become more aware of the MIS curriculum and technology and the role they play in today's world.
  • To promote the study of MIS at Kent State University.
  • To enhance KSU's College of Business and MIS department.
  • To provide students with contact to the MIS faculty and the business community.
  • To assist MIS students in internship and job career direction.
  • To gain leadership opportunities through serving as an officer.
  • To initiate and maintain fellowship between students with an interest in MIS.

MISA Constitution

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